Professional Tree Services.

Contact From the Roots Up, LLC when you need tree removal in Windham County CT, From the Roots Up is owned by licensed arborist Ron Parrow, an experienced arborist with over 30 years of service in eastern Connecticut. The company provides tree services to towns in Windham County and Tolland County CT.

When you observe signs of sickness or decay in your trees, a licensed arborist like Ron can evaluate and diagnose the problems. He will provide you with the best plan of action, which may include treatments, trimming or tree removal. From the Roots up will remove your tree and debris from the property.

Be sure to contact us if any trees are close enough to damage your buildings should they fall. It is especially important to remove unhealthy and decaying trees before harsh weather brings them down. You may have low-hanging limbs, overgrown trees, and unwanted growth close to your home. Ron and his team can remove branches and limbs that may break and cause damage during a storm. Pruning and tree trimming can improve the health of your trees and the overall appearance of your property,

Call From the Roots Up at 860-208-1005. The service area for our ash tree borer control includes villages and towns in Windham County Connecticut, including:

Mansfield CT, Storrs CT, Willimantic CT, Hebron CT, Columbia CT, Andover CT, Putnam CT, Woodstock CT, Pomfret CT, Hampton CT, Canterbury CT, Brooklyn CT, Killingly CT


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