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Trust From the Roots Up, LLC when you need hemlock spraying Windham County CT. The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid infestation presents in early spring with white cottony egg sacs at the base of the needles of hemlock branches. You need a licensed and experienced arborist to safely spray your trees to protect them from the hemlock woolly adelgid. Call Ron Parrow at From the Roots Up for a tree evaluation and consultation.

Infestation can weaken and destroy your trees. The insects multiply and hungrily suck the sap from your trees all year long. These pests continually reproduce and spread throughout your hemlock branches. As a professional arborist, I will inspect your tree and prescribe the treatments that will remove the woolly adelgids. My treatments may include spraying horticultural oils that will be less toxic to beneficial insects. To protect the overall health of your trees, beneficial insects help keep harmful mites and other pests in check.


Hemlock Tree Spraying

Hemlocks should be monitored for adelgids regularly. Oil treatments can be sprayed on the hemlock trees any time of year. The most favorable conditions for hemlock spraying would be between 50 and 82 degrees F. in a well hydrated tree. Horticultural oil treatments are relatively inexpensive.

Ron Parrow is an experienced arborist who will establish a hemlock spraying schedule to safely eliminate the woolly adelgid. Call From the Roots Up at 860-208-1005. The service area for our woolly adelgid control  includes villages and towns in Windham County Connecticut, including:

Mansfield CT, Storrs CT, Willimantic CT, Hebron CT, Columbia CT, Andover CT, Putnam CT, Woodstock CT, Pomfret CT, Hampton CT, Canterbury CT, Brooklyn CT, Killingly CT


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