gypsy moth control

Gypsy Moth Control

For gypsy moth tree spraying Windham County CT, contact Ron Parrow, owner of From the Roots Up. When it’s a bad year for gypsy moth caterpillars, it’s not too late to spray your trees against further damage. Take a look at your leafy trees. fruit trees, and ornamental plants – barely leafed out and now full of hungry parasites. Gypsy Moth caterpillars hatched at the same time our trees began leafing out several weeks ago. I noticed my heirloom rose bushes are now under stress, three or more small invaders happily making a meal of each delicate leaf.

In Windham County Connecticut the gypsy moth caterpillars have declared open season on our forests. Now that the hatchlings are out in full force they will stop at nothing. A tough season for your leafy hardwoods, notably oak, maple, apple, birch, poplar, willow, and alder. More mature caterpillars are hiding in tree bark in good numbers. When they transform into moths, they will proliferate almost unchecked, as there are few natural predators.

Many birds avoid making a meal of the hairy gypsy moth caterpillars, though blue jays, towhees, and orioles found in eastern Connecticut are exceptions. There are small rodents that dine on the pupal form of the gypsy moth, and of course some wasps and fungi will decrease their numbers somewhat. Any significant leaf damage will seriously impair your trees’ ability to convert sunlight into nutrients. This makes your trees vulnerable to disease. Get a handle on these pests and call a licensed arborist. Ron Parrow has the experience to safely treat your yard and precious trees – call today.

Gypsy Moth Control in Windham County

From The Roots Up LLC is an experienced arborist and will spray your trees to control gypsy moth caterpillars and the damage they do to your trees. Call Ron Parrow today at 860-208-1005. The service area for our gypsy moth control  includes villages and towns in Windham County Connecticut, including:

Mansfield CT, Storrs CT, Willimantic CT, Hebron CT, Columbia CT, Andover CT, Putnam CT, Woodstock CT, Pomfret CT, Hampton CT, Canterbury CT, Brooklyn CT, Killingly CT


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