A Bad Year for Gypsy Moths.

Call Ron Parrow for early Gypsy Moth Control Killingly CT, Brooklyn CT. Now that gypsy moth caterpillars have hatched in Killingly and Brooklyn, homeowners have many questions about gypsy moth caterpillar elimination. By all accounts 2017 will be another bad year for gypsy moth infestation. The gypsy moth invasion has decended upon the forests of Killingly, Brooklyn and Plainfield CT. Everywhere you look, the tiny caterpillars now cover your trees, house, car and your clothing. The larvae are centimeters long right now, but they will make a meal of your leafy trees as they grow. It is going to be a tough season for your leafy hardwoods. Oak, maple, apple, birch, poplar, willow, and alder are most frequently attacked. Older caterpillars will also attack evergreens like pines and spruces.

The Spring 2017 gypsy moth caterpillars hatched the last week of April. These hungry larvae feed on the leaves of your leafy trees. Without intact leaves,  the trees are unable to turn sunlight into food. A complete defoliation severely weakens the trees, and can leave them vulnerable to attack by other pests.

Gypsy Moth Control in Windham County

From The Roots Up LLC is an experienced arborist and will spray your trees to control gypsy moth caterpillars and the damage they do to your trees. Call Ron Parrow today at 860-208-1005. The service area for our gypsy moth control includes villages and towns in Windham County Connecticut, including:

Mansfield CT, Storrs CT, Willimantic CT, Hebron CT, Columbia CT, Andover CT, Putnam CT, Woodstock CT, Pomfret CT, Hampton CT, Canterbury CT, Brooklyn CT, Killingly CT


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