Ash Tree Protection

Ash Borer Protection - Storrs CT, Mansfield CT

From the Roots Up, LLC offers emerald ash borer protection Storrs CT, Mansfield CT for your property’s valued ash trees. Ash trees all over Connecticut have been ravaged by the ash borer. You need the service of a licensed and experienced arborist to inspect your trees for the ash borer and other pests. I am Ron Parrow, a licensed arborist with 30 years of experience. I have solutions for protecting your healthy ash trees from the ash borer.  Call me at From the Roots Up for a tree evaluation and consultation.

The emerald ash borer has caused widespread damage throughout Connecticut. Evidence of this destructive pest was first detected in the Mansfield area in 2018. The presence and infestation may be difficult to determine at early stages. When your ash tree is valuable to you, early intervention can prevent infestation. Emerald ash borer infestation will weaken and eventually kill your untreated trees. My professional assessment may advise against treatment in some trees. Trees may be too extensively compromised or in poor condition to receive treatment, and I will recommend removal.

Ash Tree Evaluation and Treatments

The insecticide treatments are complex and must be repeated every couple of years. The affected specimen is treated with pressure injections of medication at the basal flare of the tree. First, a series of holes are drilled around the tree. Needles are inserted into the holes which are connected to each other by tubing.  Next, a chemical is then applied under pressure through the needles into the basal flare. Ongoing treatments should be scheduled every two years to keep the infestation at bay.

Ron Parrow is an experienced arborist who will establish a treatment schedule to safely eliminate the emerald ash tree borer. Call From the Roots Up at 860-208-1005. The service area for our ash tree borer control includes villages and towns in Windham County Connecticut, including:

Mansfield CT, Storrs CT, Willimantic CT, Hebron CT, Columbia CT, Andover CT, Putnam CT, Woodstock CT, Pomfret CT, Hampton CT, Canterbury CT, Brooklyn CT, Killingly CT


Ash Borer Protection – Storrs CT, Mansfield CT